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While wondrous works and words alike will always wither or rearrange, constant correlations continue to connect the corridors of change.

Each atom amassing every piece of work, traveled from its own corner of the universe quite some time ago, and carried with it a gnostic history of the cosmos.  Atoms forming particles becoming substance in our lives, each emitting the inspiration that coalesced into what you now see.    Yet the journey through the hands is different than to the eyes, so I leave the interpretation up to you.

In art as in life, nothing stays the same, yet at the same time nothing changes.  I find pleasure bouncing between these parameters; the classical and the contemporary, the absolute and the abstract, the obvious and the obscure.

Although great variety exists within my art, it is all connected through one synapse or another.  My work focuses on change, with similar aspects of likeness.  Embracing the dis-order is a fascinating journey...